We often accuse those who abandon or abuse animals. Though punishment should be enforced in all such cases the government itself is the primary offender. Specifically, the government is responsible for lacking substantial laws and not enforcing the existing incomplete ones but also for transferring all the burden of financial responsibility to the independent volunteers and shelters that cannot cope with the existing uncontrollable situation. How long will we allow for this to go on? 

Pet Bank reaches out to all citizens in a unified effort to establish and enforce laws.
We the undersigned declare that:

1. We demand that the government takes responsibility and appropriate action with regards to the abandonment of companion animals with effective ways and also introduce an effective strategy to deal with the increasing number of stray animals.

2. We ask for the enforcement of laws regarding the spaying and neutering of cats and dogs so as to aid the management of the uncontrollable rising stray population. Such laws should help keep stray animal populations at numbers that are realistically manageable.  The government should finance programs so that the public can be informed about animal issues and spaying of dogs and cats.

3. Euthanasia must be performed when it is absolutely necessary. It can never be an ethical measure for animal population control and it has been proven by the current situation that it is not an effective method of controlling the stray animal population.

4. Stop the unauthorized and uncontrolled imports of wild animals and the function of the so called "zoos".  The law concerning the function of zoos should change and be implemented properly. In addition the import of animals which cannot prosper in the living environment of Cyprus (existing terrain and weather) should be restricted.

5. The government must provide money in the form of grants to animal welfare organizations, registered charities and shelters for stray animals.

6. We demand the formation of an Animal Police Unit whose duties will be to make sure that registered privately owned animals, animal welfare organizations, charities and shelters comply with the standards and ensure the decent and required living conditions of the animals.

7. We ask for the creation of parks and the free access to designated and organized dog beaches where dog owners will be allowed to take their pets. The total restriction of animals at beaches should be removed.

8. The provisions of the law concerning the obligations that dog owners have for animal hygiene and noise in public places should be strictly implemented. What is more, municipalities should place waste baskets to promote the desired conduct by dog owners.

9. A sector for controlling and protecting animals should be created with the active participation of animal welfare organizations. This sector will define and control animal policy since Local Authorities have proven to be inefficient and ineffective in enforcing the law for dogs and Government Veterinary Services do not effectively implement the Animal Welfare Laws in place.

10. Ban the import of exotic animals and birds for recreational purposes.
The sale of dogs and cats should be prohibited. A law should be established for animal breeders, shelters and pet shops. Nobody should be allowed to propagate animals without a license.   

11. Strictly prohibit the sale of protected species such as birds, animals, corals, see shells etc. according to the CITES treaty. 

12. Strictly prohibit the trapping and/or poisoning of wildlife ie foxes, reptiles etc.

13. We demand for the creation of a treasury from the funds collected from the annual dog license fees etc, that will only be used for programs benefiting animals.

14. Creation of a central service (animal control) which will be on duty 24 hours  (online),  in which all microchipped animals should be registered so that it will be easy to locate the animal.

15. A Pancyprian hotline to which citizens can call anytime for complaints etc and which will be redirected to animal police or the neighborhood policeman.

16. The procedures for issuing a court order
for an entry warrant in flats and houses should be simplified and modified in cases of complaints concerning animal abuse.

17. All cases involving cruelty, neglect, death, entrapment and abuse should be followed by stricter penalties. The offender should not be allowed to have a pet again.

18. Stop or decrease "TRACES" fees when an animal is sent abroad for adoption by Animal Welfare Organizations, Charities or shelters.

19. Enrich the environmental consciousness programs that we teach in schools.

20. Create special contracts that will inform the animal owner of the needs and care procedures of his new pet so he can provide subsequent living standards.

The greatness of any society depends on the way it treats animals. The moral evolution is determined by the principles applied. It' s not only about creating laws, it's about enforcing them.

The hereby declaration will be put forward to all authorities of the Cyprus Republic and your signature is vital to its success.

For the PetBank
Fotoula Polydorou


Our collective efforts should be to put an end to abandonment, abuse, neglect and theft, to establish laws that will support these efforts to ensure Animal Welfare.
History has shown us over and over again that collective efforts lead to results, that there is power in numbers and that TOGETHER we can DEMAND more!
Our vote has worth and politicians and political parties will campaign for it. Let’s all agree to make them work for our vote, to put the message across that we have demands and if they want to be in power they need to take responsibility as well.
I will personally see that all the political parties receive our signed declaration and request that they meet our demands. I will be responsible to personally update you on their replies so that you are aware which parties support our cause. Who you will choose to vote will be your choice.

Hoping and counting on your support and signature
Fotoula Polydorou